The Advanced Guide to does youtube show who viewed your video


No, it doesn’t, but we can see them in the video’s download statistics and in the channel statistics.

A lot of people have said that the videos that get the most views on YouTube are the ones that are posted by celebrities. But I think it’s more like it comes down to the kind of video that gets uploaded. The most popular videos tend to be the ones that have people talking about themselves or telling us a story. If you’re looking for a video to get people to link to you or to your website, I think the video with the most views is the one that talks about you.

To that end I was recently surprised to see that I had 4.8 million “likes” on YouTube. This means that almost half of all of my video views were from people who had watched my videos. And I’m not talking about just the views on my video. That’s a whole different story. If I had been on vacation recently I would have probably gotten off the plane and had a party.

I’m willing to bet that more than half of those people who saw my video were watching it because you had just mentioned yours in a video that I had just watched. To be fair, all of the videos I’ve had the most views for are ones that I’ve discussed with you and/or have linked to from my website. But that doesn’t mean I’m not still interested. My goal is to get you to become interested in getting the link that gets me the most views.

So if I have a video that talks about how your video is viewed, and you mention yours in it, I want to get you to see it. It’s just a small way of showing me how much your video is appreciated, and maybe giving me some ideas for how you could improve it.

The first step is to identify the video that I want to see. Most of the videos Ive seen have been about a certain subject or event and some of you have viewed it. If I have a video that talks about my favorite band and/or you mention theirs in it, I want to see that as well.

If you do decide that you want to see my video, I will send you a link to it, so that you can see it yourself.

If you send me a link, I will automatically update your video with the date and time, so that it will appear on my list of favorite videos. If you don’t want me to do that, you can always add a note to your video telling me that you want to be notified when I do so.

The reason I want to see the videos is because I’m obsessed by watching the video. That means I can also see you in the background, where most of the time I’m the one who looks at you.

My video was viewed over 3,000 times, with over 120,000 views in the last month. I was the only person who viewed it, and the only person that was able to get notification once my video was uploaded. I’m extremely proud of myself.



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