Sage Advice About engagement interaction posts From a Five-Year-Old


Our social media platforms are so saturated with posts that the only way to truly engage is to engage. This is especially true for our posts on Instagram, a platform where you have to be engaged for engagement to make sense.

I remember when I first started posting Instagram stories, I couldn’t get enough of them. It was like a drug, you can’t get enough of those. But then I had a little one with my mother. And it was just so much better. I have never gotten enough of my mother’s stories. And I don’t know why.

I think engagement interaction is a great thing. It allows the content creator to get to know their audience better, and gives them a chance to build a real relationship with them. When I first came on Instagram, I posted photos of my cats all the time. I never posted a photo of my son or my wife. But then I came on, I was all about interacting. And I got a lot more likes.

Instagram wasn’t the first time someone on the site did something like this. I think it was a group called “The One That Gets You.” I think they were called something like that. But the one that got me was a post on my personal post of my wife. I was like “Oh my gosh. She really doesn’t know any better.” I always make sure that I’m kind to my wife because I know she’s gonna be gone soon.

The one that gets me is a video by my friend, which has a photo of us (my wife and I) sitting on our front porch. I love it. I said, I think I have to post this. And then I said, I dont know. I think shes gonna have to go to her shrink. We are not together right now.

I love that you think shes gonna have to go to her shrink.

I know. I love my wife too, and I love that you think shes gonna have to go to her shrink. I think that when you have people in your life who you think won’t be around when you need them, you think they’re gonna have to go. You have to be honest with yourself about it too.

Yeah, and that we have to think about it when we are not together. We are all human, we are all human. We all make mistakes. A lot of us think we are perfect and that we dont have to change. Thats a lie. We can change. But we have to be honest with ourselves about it.

The problem: When you think you have to face these kinds of issues, you are actually missing the point and making things worse. The point is that you need to get over it. It only takes a little bit of self-awareness to realize that it is not you who is the villain, it is the person you are dealing with.

If a person can admit that they are the culprit, then that person will make themselves a lot easier to deal with. That is, if they can admit they are the problem, then they can do self-harming (and then there are so many other self-harming behaviors they can do) that they won’t even be aware of.



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