5 Qualities the Best People in the use straight shooters to defeat 2 opponents Industry Tend to Have


I’ve been seeing this one a lot lately. In a fight, you usually have only one opponent. You want to show your best face to the opponent, so you use all your tricks and moves to win. You want them to see you as an opponent not a victim.

Ive noticed you’re using a lot of tactics when you’re fighting a 3-4-0 type of weapon.

This is one of the reasons my friends and I use them. We know you can only hit one opponent at a time. So we use our skills against smaller opponents (like a gun), and we can hit more than one opponent at once. We also use our skills against bigger opponents (like a knife) but not as often, because we dont have time for that.

One of the best ways to defeat a 3-4-0 type weapon is by using a 3-4-0 weapon. This is where our tactics come in. We have a 3-4-0 weapon in our arsenal, but it needs to be a different weapon every time. So we use the skills against smaller opponents, because they don’t have time for that. We also use our skills against larger opponents.

The reason for this is twofold. First, the bigger the opponent, the more likely it is that they will try to take our weapon away from us, and the more skill we have to back it up. Second, we can use our skills against bigger opponents, just like with our 3-4-0 weapon, so they cant easily take it away from us.

When you say “bigger opponents,” think heavy-handed, like with the 3-4-0 and 4-1-0 weapons. The more power you have in a weapon, the easier it is to hit your opponent with and the easier it is for you to take it away from them.

If you have 2 opponents and you have a 3-4-0 weapon, it’s still not a bad idea to use it against them, unless you can’t be certain that they have a 3-4-0. After all, it might be possible that they have a 3-4-0 and you can’t be sure, and if they do, it might be better to let one of them take it away.

If you have a 3-4-0 weapon, its easier to use it against them, but it still might be better to let one of them take it away from you.

I just did a quick search for “3-4-0” and it came up with this video:

If a guy has a 3-4-0 gun, he has a pretty good shot at taking it away, but if he doesn’t have a 3-4-0 gun, he may have a better chance against 2 opponents.



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